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For any 2 litre C-HR owners looking to retrofit a spare here's the parts I used as recommended by Toyota UK for my vehicle VIN.
Please double check these part numbers are suitable for your own vehicle VIN with your Toyota dealer parts department before ordering!

09111-F4011/Jack SU

09113-F4010 Handle Pantogr

09150-F4010 Wrench Hub Nut

51931-02040 Carrier Spare

64778-F4050 Protector Spar

64429-F4010 Box Luggage RO

64995-F4070 Box Deck Floor

64716-F4050-C0 Cover Deck Trim

42600-F4211 Wheel A

Total retail price was £350.56 including the VAT & takes less then 20 minutes to fit, you just need a 10mm socket to remove the 2 bolts that secure the rear luggage nut D rings to replace a trim panel.
Brilliant, thank you.
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