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Hello! I am Markku from Finland. I have droven C-HR Hybrid Premium since 3. January! I am interested in cars and this Toyota is my 27. Toyota that I have bought as new! My Premium model is equipped with two extra packets and is like Luxury Plus in UK. I have also JBL hifi system in my car.
There is also motor and cabin heating system by Defa and also battery charging system, 10A, by Defa. And Nokian r2 studless wintwr tyres in 18" Toyota wheels!

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum. Defa battery charging system? You can plug your car for charging?
Some pics would be nice of your updated C-HR.
hello and welcome
Hello & welcome, Uti! Are you saying that your C-HR is equipped from manufacturer with Defa battery charging system?
Hi! This Defa charging system is charging the small starting battery only. That happens always when I plug my engine preheating system on at winter time! So I can not charge the big drive battery! C-HR is not plug-in model!
I want charge this small battery because of could wheather in Finland and because I drive often so short trips that it is possible that the battery is not charged properly enough at that time!

Congrats! Onnea Markku!

Great to get other Finnish C-HR drivers here!

I got mine in 17.12.2016, maybe I was one of the first in Capital region of Helsinki (Vantaa Kaivoksela)

Cheers Reima
I got mine 3.01.17 and it was first in Kuopio region. This was my 27. new Toyota since 1980. I have had Toyota models from Starlet to Celica and Camry and everything between.
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