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My grey, black and green toy

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very nice ,i like the side steps
Well smart, love the black rims :)
Thanks to you now i know how those rims looks on a grey C-HR! I'll get them with winter tyres this november.
Great car btw! :)
Nice pics. First roof rack I've seen does that add much noise?
No, the roof rack doesn't add much noise at all. The slats are aerodynamic so cut through the air pretty well. I will look at getting a removable basket for when we go camping.

Yeah. The black rims did end up looking good. Add a little more presence to the car. Everyone I talked to asked why I was changing the standard 18" rims which are very nice until they saw the black ones on it. Thankfully in Australia we don't have to worry about winter tyres :)
Very nice car. :cool:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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