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My C-HR in Metal Stream / Black Roof aka the same one everyone else has

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I made this order back in September 2016, and could´ve gotten the car already in January / early February, but decided to wait until spring. The winter is so depressing here in Southern Finland with road salt and dirt everywhere. :) It´s nice to finally see the long winter come to an end with the delivery of a new car. :cool:

The delivery date is tomorrow. Will be posting pics even if this is the most common/boring color combination.. I was pondering going for Nebula Blue which I think is a great color as well, but decided against it for a couple of reasons. One is aftermarket value, I just felt like this color will be easier to sell given time. Also I feel maybe too old to drive around in such a flashy color. Turning 35 this year. The blue would´ve been a no brainer 10 years ago.

On the spec side I definitely wanted LED´s and JBL. There was no point getting those separately so I chose the top of the range model which has all the factory options including leather seats. So it´s fully loaded. I´ve never bought a car where there simply wasn´t anything else you could´ve added to the order except styling items which I mostly felt were way too expensive and/or not good looking in the begin with. The sidesteps would´ve been very nice but not worth the thousand euros the dealer would´ve charged for them. :shock:
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deore said:
the most common
deore said:
boring color
Definitely not.
well you really know how to p*ss people off ;) , definitely not boring and will probably the best selling colour because it shows the car off in all it finest,and as for being old your only a young whipper snapper as im only 50 still going on 25 and would drive it in any colour :lol:

and forgot to say congrats :)
Your only as old as the gear stick your feeling :O
Forgot to post the pics. :oops:
Here is a couple.

Wheel Car Vehicle Plant Tire

Wheel Vehicle Car Cloud Land vehicle

Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Hood

Here is my old Prius fitted into the C-HR after I had sold it to a buyer who only had 50´s and 20´s.. :D
Automotive parking light Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exterior


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I'm happy for you... I still feel a bit special with my regular roof ;)

Enjoy your car mate.
Thanks for the positive comments :)

Today the car was checked for the fuel tank recall. They put it on to a ramp, pulled some plastic cover off and checked the fuel tank. Result: no additional work needed, the fuel tank is ok. The whole process only took 30 minutes during which I could work in quiet lounge provided by the dealer. Overall a nice experience.
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