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My C-hr from Greece

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Hello from Greece and my 1.2 turbo !!


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Looks very nice. is that Tyrol silver
Very sleek!!
it is the metal stream (1K0) !
Hi @gasantony.

Where do you live in Greece? I'm in Athens and I've met only three by now. There were more than ten to be delivered when I got mine. But it's a big city :)

Congratulations. See you on the streets :)
Nice nice and more nice! :)
I would really love to see some pictures taken by the Parthenon!!! That would be EPIC!
Very nice car.

(Almost identical to my C-HR, that rims i have for wintertires)
Finger crossed mine to be in the same trailer as yours! I'm over the phone! Enjoy @gasantony! See you somewhere in Greece!

Giannis, Agrinio
Lovely picture. Congratulations
Mine should be sat in Athens port ready for onward shipping to Cyprus. Hopefully get mine end of April very beginning of May.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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