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Multimedia Issue

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Has Anyone had issues with their Multimedia device stopping shortly after first starting the car (within 5 mins)?
This has just started and only effects the USB & Bluetooth music, radio & DAB work fine, the system never seems to recover until the car is switched off.
This happens if I have either the USB or Bluetooth on from the start of the journey but if I'm listening to the radio then switch to either of the other after about 15 mins, no issue.
V Strange

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Yes I had the same issue once in the same situation. I stopped the car and switched it off. Started again and problem was gone. Hope that a future update will fix the problem....
There is an update included in the latest map update on my Toyota web site which may help
V6.8.2 fixed it for me, only a minor hickup in mp3's occurs after the system is fully booted.

According to Toyota Netherlands next week new map updates will become available. Probably with small fixes in software too.
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