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Mike from Staffordshire

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Hello all!

I am Mike from Staffordshire. 39 years old going on 18 ;)

I am totally committed to getting a ch-r and am just struggling to decide on which one!

Looking forward to chatting to you lot about this interesting automobile.

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Welcome Mike.

Have you managed to narrow the options at all? Hybrid or Turbo for example.

Hybrid makes huge sense if you are buying as a Company Car.

It seems from reading others posting here that MPG on the Hybrid is realistically around 50MPG and not the quoted figure but that is still pretty good especially as it seems town driving holds up around this figure

Motoring reviewers seem to suggest the turbo is a better drive but on my test drives I preferred the handling of the Hybrid. The extra weight seems to seat it better.
hello and welcome, you have some tough decisions to make my one was easy
answer below
v v v v
Welcome Mike.

I agree with Garrywma about the weight issue. We drove both petrol and hybrid back to back on a twisty b road, and felt the hybrid to be slightly more assured.
Welcome Mike, have you thought about what colour you like?
Well budget is a factor as you can imagine. I'm lucky that my company are letting us do personal car lease but through our business account. So no deposit etc etc pretty good but means spoiled for choice. Economy is more important to me so the hybrid seems a no brainer. Especially given you peeps seem to prefer the feeling of the hybrid. Decuma grey is winning atm in my head. Is the sat nav worth having that's my biggest question I guess. Cheers for the welcome!
MerlyWerly said:
Is the sat nav worth having
Like all such things - once you have had one you cannot manage without it.

It's surprising just how useful it can - even in the local area when you are not 100% sure where you are going, and on long journeys it is invaluable - especially for getting you round roadworks/accidents.
Ok Decision Made. 1.8 Auto Excel in Decuma Grey.

Just waiting to hear how long the lead time will be :)

Happy days!
Congrats on the decision Mike and welcome to the 'waiting' club
Welcome and congratulations on a good choice of colour :)

My 1.8 Auto, Excel in Decuma Grey took 12 days to arrive so hopefully you won't have too long to wait.
OK so it's arriving March 1st with a 2017 plate! Yay! I opted for the Metal Stream in the end as I thought the Dacuma lost some of the interesting creases and flows of the car being so dark. I am super scared now. Too late to back out!
Well a thousand miles in and I still hate leaving Merly all alone!


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looks good mate :cool:
ans said:
looks good mate :cool:
I was surprised with this colour that it hides the dirt so well :lol:

Weather was horrible last weekend so couldn't clean it. First weekend since purchase Merly hasn't been cleaned. I feel so naughty!
Previous car was in similar color (a bit to the blue side). Nobody noticed for a year and half it wasn't cleaned :D
Karmalakas said:
Previous car was in similar color (a bit to the blue side). Nobody noticed for a year and half it wasn't cleaned :D
Oh man I couldn't drive my car knowing it was that filthy lol.

Hoping tomorrow is a nice day, might give Merly a clay bar treat.
Very shiny :)
withoutwax said:
Very shiny :)
Just think how super shiny you will be able to get your Blue :)
Shiny looks like mine :)
Almost looks like it has adapted to its environment :)
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