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Metal Stream Dynamic coming to London

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So, probably a good time to introduce myself now as I collect my C-HR in the morning. firstly I like to thank you all for your informative and entertaining posts that have kept me going on, what seemed like, a lifetime wait! In reality, probably 7 weeks but in that time I've gone through a rollacoaster of emotions! If I felt brave enough I'd visit the faults and technical section of the forum then head straight to the MPG thread or the attracting attention threads to cheer me back up! All in all I think I've learned so much from you guys and girls! that taking on the daunting prospect of learning to drive a whole different vehicle is now one I feel more able to deal with. At the end of the day, we're all guinea pigs testing out what, is in effect, a leap of faith for Toyota. I'm also pretty sure they check on here to see how well they've done!
So, hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to really join the research club and be able to help some others the way you've all helped me. :) :D
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hello and welcome pj, and dont forget the pics
I'm joining you on Friday this week, so welcome
From one guinea pig to another :lol: .... welcome.
Hi & welcome, don't forget to post pics....
Welcome all - we are growing fast
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