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Had these warnings come up on my dash! It disables car for up to 15 minutes and the warnings don't go away until u go to dealer! Has happened twice in last 3 days! Dealer is emailing Toyota to find out what's happening! So annoying and has made me lost confidence in my new car with only 500 miles on the clock!


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have you had the ignition on for a long time ?radio on ect , a flat battery will cause lots of censor errors ,leave it till the morning and if they have gone you are good to go,i only know this as i ran the battery down by having the radio on and boot open and ignition on and had similar display messages , left it for half an hour and then the car started , went for drive to toyota and was told a that if it was damaged the car would just not let me drive it, they also said if i was worried to ring the AA and they would come out and read the the codes as it was a saturday afternoon ,so i went home parked up rang AA an hour later they turned up i went out started car and guess what no errors as the car checks itself and found no problems, apparently these motors only have little starter battery's, not had any problems since so hope it is something simples
I went to a convention on Sunday. Parked the car up for nearly 4hrs and came back to it with all the warning signs! Car wouldn't start. Kept telling me to put it back into P mode. So kept turning ignition on and off. Started to move after 15 mins but warning lights all still flashing! Then today drove home from work, 5 miles. Popped into house for half hour, went back to car and same thing. Took it straight to dealer who connected it up to the system and they can just turn off all warning lights, but he said it would prob come back on again! They have emailed Toyota to see what prob could be. Weather and temp was dry and warm today, just like the other day. So frustrating !!!
definitely worth getting a multimeter to check 12v battery with ignition off ie not charging. Mine was about 12.5v I think. Which isnt great but also isnt really bad. 12.8v is probably very good and 12.2v or less is bad
I will maybe say that to the service guy then. Ty
Well the damn lights have come on again! That's 3 times in 8 days! The car is getting returned! So upset as I love it!!!!
So they don't know what's the problem?
Do you hear a buzzing sound when you unlock the car? Maybe the vacuum pump for the brakes has malfunctioned and affects all related systems. It could also be a pressure sensor in the pump. If the 12V battery was flat, the Hybrid system wouldn't start at all.
I had the same problem with my Chr excel took it to toyota and put it on the computer and they reset all the faults and now have a file on my car touch wood haven't had any faults since


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They said it was a loose earth wire. They took Caron yesterday as there was a scratch on the inside driver door up top where window is. It's black wrap. They ordered the part in then called me saying they f**ked it up and have to take it to a proper wrapping specialist on thur. They gave me an Aygo as courtesy car, I stated I was going to Glasgow on thur. So they offered me a new RAV4 hybrid and delivered it to my house. Score!! Lol! My dealer been really good about everything. Not had the car back since they've 'fixed' the malfunction faults yet. So will keep u all posted!
John51! When they clear the warning signs they don't fix the problem. They told me they just connect it to their computer and they can just turn off all warning signs regardless! Toyota told the dealer where to look for the fault straight away, so must be something that's happening! Can't wait to get mine back later Thursday.
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