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leather upgrade?

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About to buy the Dynamic 1.2 and wish to upgrade seats to full leather. The problem is I've been quoted £1250 by one dealer and £1000 by another.
Surely the website is showing £995 ? Can anyone confirm this?
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I have paid £995 for the leather seats (only because SWMBO said we had to have them!)
Yes the factory fit price is £995, but I think some dealers are taking advantage of the long wait times by ordering in a standard Dynamic, and then ordering in the leather from Toyota parts, and fitting it in their own service department. A dealer offered this to me as a quick way of getting a Dynamic with leather, but no price was mentioned because I was horrified at the prospect of some spotty apprentice ripping the interior of my car apart and doing a rubbish job. It could account for the price difference though, because you can bet the leather off the shelf coupled with the dealer charges will be more than the factory fitted option.
I've never seen a car/marque with so many options that are dealer fit as opposed to factory supplied.

My first toyota so unsure if this has always been the case with them?

I've stuck with fabric in my Icon for the simple reason that both of my other cars have heated leather, so not as if I'll miss it unduly.
Did anyone notice a kind of burnt glue smell in the leather fitted cars? My coat smelt of it for days after. The salesman insisted on having the heated seats on so maybe it was that.

He also said he felt funny after the long test drive but maybe it was my driving or his flu ha ha.

Im going with basic fabric as I sometimes camp/sleep in the car and cant risk that smell.
At first glance the CHR seems relatively good value for money, but if you want to add a few options (many of which are standard on much cheaper cars) it can quickly mount up. Some of the options are ludicrously priced, like the twin DVD screens at £1250. You could quite easily source a similar product at Halfords for £1000 less. I also feel UK buyers should be able to spec the JBL stereo separate from the leather, just as other markets in Europe are able to do. Other options, like bits of self adhesive plastic chrome, are also exorbitant, as are silver front & rear under guards, which at nearly £1000 are about twice the price they should be. Of course the other issue is that if you do order (let's say) a Dynamic with Premium pack, and a few other options you end up paying around £31k or more. There are no discounts, so that is the price you pay. With most other brands you could order a £35 or £36k car, and pay that same amount of money. So, is the CHR worth it when you could get a £35 to £36k car for the same money?
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Given they place close to a 60% mark-up on mud flaps (supply only Vs dealer fit) and most of the accessories are dealer fit I am reasonably sure I could buy them and have a local guy fit them or DIY.

A full reupholster of my Jag in leather was just £750, albeit I supplied the leather but I could choose my colours, plus I supplied the seat heaters from a land rover and those were fitted too at no extra charge :)
I think the leather in the CHR premium pack should have colour choices including beige, red and tan. Instead of plain black, they could have offered the Dynamic with a quilted effect black leather, and blue leather to the front and side bolsters. Plain black makes the dark interior even darker, and that's why I much prefer the upholstery on the Excel.
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