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Irish metal stream hybrid.

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Hello from Ireland,

After weeks of stalking this forum I'd thought I'd eventually give back, knowing how much I enjoyed seeing people post their cars after collecting them. This is my hybrid Sol in metal stream :

Nose Smile Vision care Jaw Ear

The trim levels are different in Ireland but this is the top spec with most of the bells and whistles, the only thing I added we're the mud flaps (€75). This is my first hybrid car and I traded my very reliable, very loved 2004 2.0 D4D RAV4 for it.

Having driven both the turbo petrol and hybrid models I went with the hybrid because I really enjoyed how it drives, although the turbo petrol was probably slightly better you can't argue with the economy of the hybrid and it's a joy to watch how it cleverly charges itself. This is indeed a fun car to drive.

For those wondering, it does rev higher when you plant the the pedal but that's not really how it's meant to be driven anyway and it's still quiter than the Rav was so for me it's certainly not a deal breaker. All in all I love it.

Only issues I've found are the park assist going off all the time while driving, even when I'm stopped at lights with nobody in front of me. I've found the only way to stop it is to switch it off while driving and engage it again when it's time to park. Not sure if that's how it's meant to be done but that's how I'm getting around the issue.

That and that's fact people keep walking out in front of it because it's silent and the amount of attention it draws driving through town. Comments range from "the batmobile" to "the predators car" whatever that is?

I'll post more photos of the interior and so on as soon as I get time,



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Hello and welcome, I enjoy the the way the hybrid drives too
Looks really great.

PS. I'm waiting for snow and ice to melt here Finland, looking forward to get those same 18" summer tyres to my C-HR.

The car looks great, wish you a lot of fun and safe miles.

About the Parkassist that is not how it is meant to be.
Read the other topic.
Not quite sure what you mean by park assist going off all the time. Whilst I have not fathomed out the full details of the park assist, as I understand it the park assist is either enabled or disabled. If disabled you should see nothing about it (no symbol and no messages). When enabled it is looking to assist you. If going too fast or you stop it cannot assist you so it gives a message (something like IPA off take control). So I think the intent is to drive normally with it disabled and then enable it when you want to use it to park and are travelling slowly near parking spaces it might spot. If you leave it on then every time you get near the speed it wants to spot spaces then it will start producng messages and showing parking images on the screen between the dials. Hope this helps.
He means the
1.Toyota parking assist-sensor system
And you mean the
2.S-IPA (Simple Intelligent Parking Assist
Yes cross wires here. When he says it is going off he means the parking sensors giving an audible alarm something is close.
As I have only ever had reversing sensors before that auto engage when in reverse I hadn't thought about this with the new car having front sensors also. Personally I would probably only switch them on when parking also as it would drive me crackers driving along going beep beep lol. Or. Perhaps you need glasses? :lol:
Oh and welcome and super nice pap pap :)
Cheers for the replies,

To clarify:
Sensor 1 keeps alarming even when the road ahead is clear:
Font Rectangle Parallel Circle Number

After reading the other thread I've rang the dealer and it's going straight back in tomorrow for a once over.


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better to get it sorted now rather than later
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