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iPod problems through USB

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I've got an iPod 4touch which through my previous car was fine playing playlists through USB cable.

I'm happy to stick with the USB cable as the software won't update enough for Bluetooth apparently and I don't really want the expense of buying another.

My problem is it starts fine. Shuffles and everything, but after about 20 minutes it constantly plays the same tracks and won't move on! One day only the same 2 tracks. Another the same 5 tracks and so on!

Don't think this is related to it picking the similar music to I'm listening to! It just sticks at a point and only plays the tracks at that point.

Anyone had this?
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I haven't tried my iPod touch yet but will give it a go over the weekend. I'm on the latest firmware which seems to have fixed some USB stick issues I had.
as Garry has aready said it may need a firmware update as it does seem to have a few faults.
Can you let me know how I do a firmware update ... Can I do myself?
have read here:
did my one from the my toyota website, all depends on what firmware you are already running
ROBBO said:
Can you let me know how I do a firmware update ... Can I do myself?
Yes. Fairly easily. You will need to be signed up for MyToyota and registered your Touch 2 and Go system(instruction on the MyToyota Portal). Then go to EStore select the Update currently 6.8.2h for me but it may be different for your car. You will need to go through a purchase process but it should be free - if not you may not have done enough miles (You have to do something like 150 miles before it notices you own the car)

Once purchased it will appear in your purchases and should have a download link (if it doesn't try using a different web browser) Download the file and follow the instruction on the portal to copy the files to a USB stick (8GB sticks seem to work best)

Take the stick to your car and plug it in the USB socket. Power on and wait (seems to need to be in Ready not just accessory) it should detect the stick and prompt to begin the update. Takes a while to update.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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