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You need to stipulate whether you're looking for a fast charging pad or a normal charge...the latter usually only really useful on those longer journeys.

I have used a fast charging pad for my S7 Edge, appreciate here that Samsung fast charging can deliver at 15w, whereas the Iphone 8 will currently (IIRC) accept 7.5w, so effectively the apple will charge at half the rate of an android Samsung.

I have two wireless charging pads the only thing you've got to watch is:

1) it should be no more than 4" wide to allow it to fit at the bottom of the armrest storage area
2) That you do need to position the phone carefully to ensure it picks up the charging point (useless in a moving vehicle as it moves around).
3) If your phone has a case it will charge less effectively with the case fitted

Mindful of all of did away with the charging pads and bought a double cigar lighter adaptor:

I also bought a car fast charger for Samsung:

Now I just plug the phone directly in and find it will delivery a 20% charge in 20 minutes :)

All of this can be hidden away and I have a spare cigar lighter socket to plug my satnav into :) :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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