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iPhone tethering

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Is anyone having trouble with their phone maintining a connection to the car (for internet)?
I can connect ok, but if I stop the engine the connection is lost.
I've added my phone as a preferred network, checked the box to connect to preferred networks automatically, but no joy. A manual reconnection is always necessary again.
Bluetooth is always on on my phone (iPhone 6, latest iOS).

I'm assuming that it should reconnect automatically?!
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No problems here. I connected my phone via Bluetooth, then switched on personal hotspot. This gives me internet connection every time I start the car. I have disabled the warning re cost which is in the car menu system somewhere.
If it helps, i've had an EE in car wifi dongle thing which works great, will be going straight in the CHR when it arrives next Weds!
Not tried an iPhone yet but will give it a go and check. 3 Android phone and a Windows Phone (yes some people still have them) have worked fine including connecting to the internet. Our company writes Apps so we have lots of phones to test with :)
Anyone can tell me where to disabled the cost warning.
1 Have the engine on

2 Have display screen on, and press "Setup" (On the left, 2nd button from bottom)

3 Touch "Connectivity" - top right

4 Touch "Bluetooth" connection (at top)

5 Touch "Charge warning" (near bottom of list)

6 Untick "Show cost warning" and (below it) "Show roaming warning" (You untick by touching the box with the tick in it)

7 Use back arrow (bottom left) to go back to Setup and main screen
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Thanks all for your replies. It seems all I have to do to connect each time is get my phone to the personal hotspot screen. Nothing more! The car then seems to reconnect. If I do nothing it won't reconnect. I think it may be a phone setting issue.
A bit of a pain but there you go!
When connecting in these situations you may find a box that comes up and says something like, ' remember this setting' or 'do this everytime I connect'
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