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IPA.not too intelligent when it comes to flower beds

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My local station has gaps every 10 or so parking spaces which are planted as flower beds. The intelligent parking assist just loves these and will always try to park in them ignoring loads of open spaces either side. Good job I was paying attention the first time it happened.
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I have got to admit, it is one system (IPA) that I would never use and if it wasn't for the fact that it came as standard, I would never select it as an option.

In my humble opinion a total waste of time. :lol:
I chose a package with S-IPA because it's almost the same price as getting front and rear parking sensors separately :)
To be honest I wouldn't normally use it. It was one of those show off the feature moments. I normally park myself.
Just read the manual about IPA, as far as I understand German, it doesn't say anything about braking when parking the car using S IPA . So I kept my foot on the brake anyway . Tried two times parallel and worked fine one once the other way. Was good too.
Unparking from a parallel spot and I was standing across the street blocking traffic as if I was making a u turn😝
I'll keep practicing..!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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