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Internal lights replacement (with leds!)

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Hi all,
Tomorrow is THE day, i'll finally get my C-HR. I've already taken few led lights for the interior and license plate but i'm not 100% sure about them cause those leds are these crappy chinese things, like this:

For this reason i really like to get for my new car something more "professional" and i bought these for license plate:

For the interior i really like something like this kit:

but i find it only on Amazon Japan. From Italy it's quite difficult to collect items from Japan (shipment and custom are a real pain) so have you any other site (ebay, aliexpress etc) where i can get this kit? Let me know! :)

Thanks! :)
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I have seen the last set with a remote so you can dim them because they are really bright
try here:
i have not used it myself but had a good look, the page doesnt translate very well into english
and just skip the ad page if it loads
from rakuten i'll have the same problem as shipment and custom too expensive :(
When possible put photos!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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