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In @ The Valeters

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In having a full external valet ferrous/clay/polish and paint sealant.

He advised that it was one of the cleanest factory paint jobs he's seen, virtually no 'contact' (errors in paint) and only a couple of factory swirl marks from their polishing. By contrast a brand new BMW he had in had 22 contact errors

Topcoat now to go on top of the sealant and I collect tomorrow evening :D

Oh, he did say that there was a LOT of ferrous particles, which aren't usually so visible on such a dark colour, there was so much that he had to treat the paint twice, that's just detritus from the factory/storage/shipping/standing.

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Looking pretty splendid already! Useful to know about the ferrous particles!!
Awesome! This is the car that I will soon order. In decuma grey too.
If you get chance would you be able to take pics of the interior. I believe the icon has the black interior?
As opposed to the brown and purple of the higher grades? I haven't been able to find one in local dealers to see.
Looks lovely!
Thanks. Dale
Like the Blue 'accents' ;-)
Garry said:
Like the Blue 'accents' ;-)
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Garry said:
Like the Blue 'accents' ;-)
Exactly what my 14yr old son said! :lol:

Clearly some boys don't grow up :?:
Flyer, I'll take some pics and post up, won't be tonight though as collecting car at 6 so will be too dark by the time I get home

Will do for the weekend though
No rush mate!
Enjoy the detailed car!!!
Flyer, took these for you

I think all of the icons have the grey contour accent on the inside, so it's good to have the exterior match it! :D


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That's awesome mate.
Thanks very much for that. I really do like this colour interior better.
This is definitely the model i'm going for.
Still torn between the Metal Stream or the Decuma Grey though!
I'm also going to add some extras to bring it in line with the higher specs.
Thanks again!
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