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I miss the air intake sound... is there one?

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I mean.. that fits exactly to the ch-r?
i love it it's new and everything i get for it is new new new.
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there is a panel air filter available here:
but what noise and power you would get is unknown
Research resonator delete also. Ive seen people on prius forums indicate more response and even improved mpg messing around with it and a high flow filter. More likely you will drive harder and mpg will go down though lol.

Resonator was removed on my celica and sounded and felt more grunty.
If you look at the location of the filter I can't see how it will get any cold air, which is the only way to really increase performance.

A less dense filter will let more air in, but also the crud (moreso in hot arid/dusty climates which I imagine Israel has ), so may affect any warranty.

If you can fit a Cold Air Induction (CAI) system you can (on a powerful engine) get as much as double figure BHP increases, but on a little engine a replacement filter may give you a max 2BHP, just change the stock filter every 5k miles to ensure it's doing it's best job

In the case of my Jag I fitted a BMC carbon dynamic filter which gave me 7xBHP, higher lift CAMS 8xBHP, weirdly changing oil to Royal Purple a free flowing exhaust (with CAT bypasses) gave me +12 BHP, so it was running 25 BHP above stock. Since it was already running 290 that raised it to 315. Then I had it remapped (both petrol and LPG ECU's) which took it to 328...all of the above were dyno'd as have a friend nearby with a rolling road.

But if you look at the 38BHP increase it is a 12% increase on a 4l V8 for a £4k spend, and yes I can feel it and it has a lovely throaty roar/rumble. If you then look at the CHR with 130BHP 12% would be just 145BHP

I'd personally look at one of those exhaust amplifiers as don't think you'll get any intake sound or exhaust roar otherwise!
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Ok.... Got the blitZ sus intake.. Ordered from Japan will post when installed
Two days later and still long does it take to install a new air filter?

Oh, and did your OEM look dirty?
I ordered the SUS air intake (not OEM filter). fensport will receive it in about 10 days from japan and they will send it to me via UPS. it will take time.
eternity575 said:
Ok.... Got the blitZ sus intake.. Ordered from Japan will post when installed
Ok I read 'got' as 'received' when you meant 'ordered' :lol:
waiting for it ....i wonder how it will work on hybrids...
Mine arrived. They have assumed the big one is for 1.8 and small one is for 1.2. Duh. Recieved the wrong one from fensport. This car is a good luck charm im sure lol
Leggera said:
Mine arrived. They have assumed the big one is for 1.8 and small one is for 1.2. Duh. Recieved the wrong one from fensport. This car is a good luck charm im sure lol
so the small one is for the 1,8? and the big one is for the 1.2? what are you doing now? sending it back?
Yes the 1.2 is double the size at least. 1.8 is about 5x9 inch lol. Hopefully being collected on delivery. But they asked me to return it. Well im currently waiting for collection of faulty alloys from demon tweeks so im not daring to go out and why should I.

Considering this tiny size Im sure it will help being a dry free flowing type. I usually get foam.
I understand that you bought the air filter leggera, not the induction kit... blitz uk (ie fensport) responded immediately to my question, they fixed your situation :) you can't say their responsiveness is bad, they answered me in 5 mins :) .
i like them :) !
I never said anyone is bad. Just that everything ive asked to happen to this car has ended in a problem. Bad luck :)

Its a new model so teething problems

They also havnt fixed my problem. They have no stock of the part I ordered and never had. They hope to get some in "maybe in a month".

They keep asking me to return it but I cant due to various reasons. Distance selling regulations say they are responsible for collection when an order is cancelled for any reason. Probably open a paypal case tomorrow maybe. See if I can order from somewhere better.
Why? what else happened? I should be concered?
Oh.. here in israel they recalled 300 cars and postponing deliveries because of a fuel tank problem (thickness of the tank itself as we understood)
same there?
Nothing major don't panic. I had the faulty screen. I ordered new wheels that arrived used from demon tweeks. I ordered air filter that was wrong. I asked for the dealer to not use chemicals to clean car or anything at all. They used loads and made me sick. They got some kind of oil on my brakes. I was supposed to be driving this car round europe for a road trip for 3 months but had to cancel. Gutted. It is more fun than I thought at least to drive.
yes it is... sounds like you had bad things happening to you all over lol..
Heres a K and N panel filter if anybody wants a more reliable service and availability. I read it also makes the transition between electric and Ice smoother.
But no cool sound :)
eternity575 said:
But no cool sound :)
Im not sure id want a cvt any louder than it is but different strokes for different folks ha ha.

I just like a bit more grunt and always got that best from panels with standard box. Ive heard dynos prove it too. But I have been through the pipercross induction stage several times in my life so not dissing it.
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