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Hybrid Excel in Metal Stream

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I've just had ordered my company car.
It will be an Excel Hybrid in Metal Stream.

This is the first time I've joined a car forum so thanks for having me.

I'm interested to know what was the major reason you chose a the C-HR over other cars?
For me it was the combination of low P11D tax, the 'luxury experience' in the driver's seat and the space - I have a 4 month old baby girl and all the paraphernalia that goes with her!

In contrast I drove the Kia Niro and was disappointed with the handling, cheap feeling cabin and poor mpg.
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Welcome and great choice. Yes very similar reasoning. The low P11D is a major factor.
Hello and welcome to the club
Welcome pal. I chose same spec and colour myself
My reasons were fuel economy and looks Hello sexy lol
I also looked at the Niro and was not impressed as I did not want to even drive it, C-HR in my opinion is soo much better even though more expensive I love my C-HR having owned it for nearly 2 months.
Kia Niro is fugly. I didn't even stop at the kia dealer.
I was looking at Ford Kuga which is nice and close to CHR's price range. But looks huge, not sexy :) and fuel consumption is far from CHR Hybrid that I choose.
Welcome! Lovely looks and great drive sold it for us
Finally got my hands on my C-HR.
So impressed with the comfort and ease of use.
There's still plenty of issues with the infotainment system and I seem to keep leaving the car switched on!!
Any other small gripes that people have?


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orlandoroad said:
Any other small gripes that people have?
Very nice - just like mine (except for the 17 plate!)

I am not sure its a gripe but I find it is very fussy about the sequence of stopping. If you put it into P, press the button and then open the door all is fine, but mix up that sequence and you get odd beeps and it can be fiddly to sort out. I am wondering why it beeps at me if I open the door and then switch off. Switching off (via the blue button) should cancel the open door beeper but it doesn't. Just annoys me a bit that's all.
No Gripe's here just love the whole Experience of having such uniquely designed car :cool:
My only issue is its so quiet I forget it is still on :)

Glad you are enjoying it.
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