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Huge succes in The Netherlands

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Toyota NL announced they sold more than 1000 C-HR's so far.
Only one week after introduction, this is a fantastic result.

6 Weeks ago i orderded a Hybrid Dynamic metalstream :eek:

Last saturday i had a test drive, and i must say it's an amazing car!
Hope to receive it on January 16.

So, what dit you all order, and when are you receiving the car?
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Great news and for sure C-HR will be success!

I managed to have a short test drive in September in a VIP-event on Premier Park's track in Finland.
Had already made my order and I really wasn't disappointed. Great car and very agile and of course great looking.

I'm waiting for my new C-HR Hybrid Premium in Pearl White color to come in few weeks on the 21th of December.
Our dealer in Finland commented that I was lucky to get the car earlier, because of the good sales the delivery times will be longer.

Best regards Reima
So, what did you all order, and when are you receiving the car?

C-HR Excel (Order Date 19th September) Metal Stream with Premuim Pack found out Monday 28th November delivery date 10th January but as the accessories were not available till then added Protection Pack so at the moment delivery date 20th January, dealer will confirm this on Monday as he's not happy with the additional 10 days for something so minor.
Just ordered the Hybrid in Spain and got a delivery date of May 8th. That's too long.
Gilesk said:
That's too long.
I've made my order 11th Jan and got a late May date. Nothing more specific and just have to wait :/
I'm wondering what the UK figures are?

My local dealer says he's sold many, but living only a couple of miles from him, I've yet to see a single car on the road despite living in a major city and so close.
My local dealer drew me in by saying their allocation was going fast. It turns out they were allocated 75 for the year, and by mid January had sold 9 - that's since September. There are a lot of people who are drawn to the CHR by it's looks, and would love to own one, but for many it just isn't practical enough, and too expensive compared to the more conventional, usable, cheaper competition.. The dealer also told me the car had generated more interest than any Toyota in years, but is that really surprising when virtually every one of their cars in recent years has been so uninspiring and dull? We will get to see more of them on the roads, but I think it's still going to be fairly rare. Still, that's a good thing isn't it?
Ordered Decuma Grey base model hybrid 'Icon' in the UK 21st January, could have had delivery 13th Feb, but wanted it registered 1st March for new '17' number plate over here so am collecting 1st March. :)
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