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HSD Braking feel

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I've read almost all the topics in this forum (been here since there were just a few topics), but no one mentioned of breaking. So now, when lots of you already got your cars and have driven at least for a week, how's the feeling when breaking and the car almost stops, but still riding? When I was test driving, it felt really strange that moment when engine braking switches to normal braking. At that moment it seems as if the breaks were turned off and it didn't break until you press the pedal with more force :) Anyone has the same?

Still waiting for my C-HR HSD, so I wonder how quick you get used to it :)
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i know what you mean the braking is a bit strange but you do get used to it, i dont notice at all any more
I heave read about but I must say I have not noticed it at all. To me, the breaking seems the same as the car I used before (Polo GT)
It feels a little vague (?) halfway through peddle push, so where you were used to smooth gradual breaking it is more abrupt/jerky when coming to a stop in moving traffic. But as everyone else says you adapt and forget about it after a few days.
I hope it gets unnoticeable fast :) At first I was a little scared and thought the car won't stop :D
Just like the others, seems a bit odd for a few pushes on the pedal, then you just forget about it. I am sure you will love it!
There is definitely a transition but it's very subtle. I hardly notice the difference but I guess it will depend on what you're use to driving. I've swapped from a 2004 Rav with very soft brakes so I can't say I've really noticed it (and I've been looking)
Just got back from a drive, did some braking tests, can't notice the effect being mentioned even though looking for it. The power flow diagram shows regen, but can't feel any transitional effect to full stop.
It's really noticeable when breaking very slightly. Try to get a long breaking distance and break very light to full stop. While the car is still riding, a few seconds before full stop, you should feel the brakes get loose(?) :D I've never had driven a hybrid before, so, as I mentioned, I really got scared the breaks broke up and the car won't stop, but then pressed the pedal more and the car gently stopped :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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