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How do you protect your CH-R from the sun?

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Hey everyone,
Due to circumstances at work, I've been forced to park in a place with little to no shade for now. (Not in the UK, very bright sun)
How do I protect my car from sun damage?
I put up a tinfoil screen on the windscreen when I left, but it ended up hot inside after parking for 4 hours
Any help is appreciated :)
Thank you
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If you get it ceramic coated this will help protect against the sun.
Can get it for the wheels, plastics,interiors, lights etc.
Nanolex and gtechniq are to name a few.
Google it and amazing stuff and can be applied by yourself or professionals.
Move to Manchester :(

Sorry not helpful I know but couldn't resist :)
Most people in hot countries buy white cars as they reflect more than absorb.

Nothing much you can do about the hot interior except open all of the windows for a few minutes before driving off.
Thank you everyone, I got the ceramic coating done, very happy about it
And yes, mine is white :)
Just got an email from IndieGoGo - Lanmodo car tent :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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