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Hi from Surrey !!

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Hello everyone.

I'm knew to the forum, first post :D .

Never had a Toyota before, but really liked the look of this and loved it on the test drive :D .

Liked the Dynamic but the Excel has all the spec I need for me.

Really looking forward to getting my new car which I've been told should be around mid-March (but I'm hoping nearer the beginning if possible) ;) !
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Hi and welcome.
Nice to see a few more people are ordering the 1.2T rather than the hybrid.
Gone of 1.2T excel as well
Manual or Auto?
Hi and welcome!
hello ROBBO and welcome to the forum
Hello Robbo welcome to the forum
Got confirmation that mine is being delivered to me on the 17th. Two weeks today!!
Well it was delivered today! OMG :shock: ! It's gorgeous!

Got caught up this afternoon with the sale of my previous car, but that's all done! So haven't been able to sort any piccies but will post some as soon as I can!

Loving the puddle lights when we came home tonight! What a funky feature!!

Need to turn off the email feature tomorrow! Last thing I need is work emails over the weekend :lol:
Congrats. Totally agree on email. 😊
want to see pics in the members gallery
What email function? (I'm old) lol :D
certain phones can receive emails in the car an disply it on the screen ,samsung s7 edge i know can as i was shocked when driving along and an email arrived
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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