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Just thought I would post a quickish hello....

Hoping to get my Decuma Grey 1.2 Manual Excel with black alloys early March... swapping my Burnt Orange GT86 as I can't pretend to the wife anymore that lifting my 2yr old round to the back seat isn't ageing me fast... so this is a very slightly more sensible car(considering I have another one the way).

I found the options rather odd between the Excel and Dynamic, I was the told the reason was to keep the uniqueness between the different levels... but I was actually eventually put off paying more for Dynamic because I really wanted the part leather as I think it looks very stylish, and also think the grey/silver interior looks better than the blue(personal preference of course)... plus the cost to go full leather just meant the price kept increasing... I also really wanted the black roof, but was told I can just pay to have this done later(wrapping I think its called) at much cheaper than the price it would cost to get Dynamic and pay for full leather etc...

Found this forum really interesting to read up on people views/comments....

Anyway, enough of my mumbles...
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Hello and welcome. I was torn between half leather and black roof and went black roof
Hi, spooky I also sold my orange 86 for a Metal Stream Dynamic, had mine for a week now and can tell you that you won't be disappointed. Not much else I would have changed the 86 for. Enjoy
Hi.. I too wasn't a fan of the electric blue interior strip and preferred the silver and I can live without the other extras hence I went for an Excel..

Rather than get hung up about the black roof, I ordered mine in Eclipse Black so it does have a black roof.

Its now sat at the dealers with its "17" plates on, all it needs is a clean ready for delivery in 15 days time.
Hello and welcome from another ex-GT86 owner (mine was blue though).

The main reason that I went for the Excel was that I preferred the wheels and part leather. I would have liked the black roof but wasn't really interested in paying the extra for any of the other Dynamic features, so decided not to go for the upgrade. Instead I paid for the chrome accent pack just to add a bit of contrast to the Decuma Grey. As you say, it's all about personal preference, it would be a dull world if everyone went for the same options :)

I've had the C-HR for just under 3 weeks now and very happy so far although there are times that I miss that "go cart" feel of the GT86.
Welcome Chris, from another GT86 owner!!

We didn't like the blue interior and much preferred that in the Excel. We also bought a black roof along with the rest of a black car. Considering wrapping the roof silver if we decide we want a contrast! Roll on 1st March!!!
wooooopie..... been told mine arrives tomorrow, so hopefully get it the following weekend. Time to start saying goodbye to the GT86.... :-(
That is good news Chris (except for saying good bye to the GT86) I have no doubt you will love the C-HR.
Gt86has not been out of garage since the CH-R arrived. What does that tell you? Have a great time with yours, sure you will !
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