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Hi All!

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Hi all,
I'm Mattia (35y/o male) from Rome, Italy. So sorry for my poor english, i'll try my best to make me understand.

I'm about to recieve my C-HR, in a week from today! Can't wait! I choose the Tyrol Silver and the version is Lounge (for Italy we have: Active, Style and Lounge) with Tech Pack - led headlights and few sensors.

I'd already bought few led lights for the interior and license plate and looking forward for other customizations - thinking about blue tint for the brake calipers. We'll see :)

p.s. please feel free to correct my english in order, for me, to improve it!
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Welcome Mattia. Here we go! :)

Here's to many happy driving miles! Your English is absolutely fine by the way so don't worry.
Welcome I am sure you will find that the c-hr is belissimo (I apologise for my terrible italian spelling)
Thanks! :)

Even italian themselves don't know if is correct to say bellissimO (male) or bellissimA (female) referring to a car so don't worry! :)
Hello and welcome I'm sure you will love it
Welcome, enjoy the car and the forum.
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