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Hey there

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Expecting my C-HR Dynamic in White Pearl and black roof this week. It's apparently arriving with the dealer today.

Getting excited now.
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Welcome. Congats for your C-HR.
I love mine.
I've had mine just over a month now and absolutely love it
Don't see many white pearl/black roof cars here in pics! Let's see how mine will be looking in about a month!
Share your photos!
I've requested that the dealer doesn't prepare my car, so I'm expecting something quite grubby when I pick it up. Rather that than have a rush job and swirled paint before I get my hands on it.

I'm an enthusiastic amateur detailer, and I have some time booked off work over Easter to give it a full going over. So photographs afterwards :D
hello and congratulations ,post pics when your ready
Welcome an d enjoy the car and forum
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