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Hello! New owner of 2022 C-HR... a few initial observations !

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Hi - nice to find a UK forum for the C-HR.

I recently bought (from a Toyota dealer) a 2022 used 2.0 Excel C-HR (6000 miles).

So far so good but there are a few observations - I guess some of these have been discussed in individual threads previously here so forgive me on that

Driver seat is electric but frustratingly doesn't have memory functions
The doors can't be set to auto-lock when driving off
The wired android auto connection seems to occasionally drop out (have tried multiple phones and cables)
The brakes seem "grabby" and overly sensitive especially at slow speeds
Lack of modern interior LED ambient lighting generally, including the rear
No rear USB port
Keyfob a bit naff looking for a £30k car
Cleaned the car recently and the fuel filler flap solenoid plunger disappeared inside the car. Have a trip to the dealer planned as a result :-(
Wondered what other observations people have made since ownership.

But broadly it's a great car to drive around in ...!

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Interesting theory, I thought the cleaners were noncorrosive?
Interesting theory, I thought the cleaners were noncorrosive?
Some cleaners will be non corrosive, other will be more aggressive - also depends on where the vehicle has been cleaned.
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Wonder if brake caliper corrosion has been caused by aggressive alloy wheel cleaning solutions?
I think your spot on,my daughter in-law been using Demon or something like that her Mini Cooper 18mths old they look awful told her to throw it in the bin
My son's T Cross bit younger shows signs to.
They both have short commutes.
Ours look ok
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