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Hello from the Netherlands

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Hello there,
im Marion and i gonna pick up my Toyota C-HR 1.8 Hybrid Bi-Tone Plus Pearlwhite this afternoon..
im very excited !! :D
Im think its great to follow and share here our experiences from other C-HR drivers..

greetings from the Netherlands


ps my written Englisch is not that good..sorry :oops:
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Well your english is better than my non existent Dutch, Welcome to the C-HR forum and this forum should grow with information and advice once more cars are delivered :)
hello and welcome

Hope you enjoyed this day :)
Proud owner of a dutch Hybrid Bi-tone plus metal stream gray
Hi Marion - Welkom :)
Welcome! It's exciting to see people getting their C-HRs!

Edit: autocorrect...
Thank you to all of you...

Just being a happy girl driving almost the whole day!

So far so GOOD! :D Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle


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Hi Marion, looks really nice in the pearl white, have you named it?
Ooooooh...I knew I forgot something! ;)
So no I didn't..but thinking about it! :D
Very nice! That's the same colour combination, I'm hoping to get :)
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