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Hello All,
I bought a C-HR hybrid in blue with the LED package, all the gadget sensors and leather seat option almost a month ago now.
I had no intention of buying one, but another driver forced the decision on me (indirectly of course), by rear-ending my 3rd generation Prius and doing enough damage to right it off. It is too bad, since it was a great car with 163k kilometers.
This is my third Toyota hybrid. My first one was a Camry hybrid in Canada. Great, quiet, roomy car with lots of power, except for the smaller trunk.
Then the Prius and now the C-HR.
So far, the two previous hybrids never had a single issue whatsoever, and I am hoping that the C-HR will follow suite.
So far I like it.
When I was trying to choose the options, I test drove one with the cloths seats, and found that they would bother the bottom of my thighs (toward the knees) by cutting the circulation slightly. Fortunately, the leather seats don't seem to do that, and they feel more comfortable.
The only option that I miss is the sunroof and the solar panel that I had on the Prius.
Happy rides


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I have not had to drive in snow yet, but come the fall, I will buy four new wheels and snow tires. I have not looked into it yet, but will probably go for some 17" wheels, so that I don't have issues with putting chains on.

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Hello ...

I was in Switzerland (Geneva) only last week - driving into France to Ski and saw more C-HRs in the few days I was there than I think I have seen in the UK in total so far!! Although funnily enough I have started noticing them more since I ordered mine :D

They seem very popular over there (and why wouldn't they be?).....although I must admit I didn't see any in the striking Blue!! ;)
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