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Hello from Sweden

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Hi all!

I've spent a lot of time on this forum the past month. Many interresting topics and a lot of useful tips. I got my c-hr two weeks ago. Delivery time should have been 14 days, but ended up beeing 4 weeks because the dealer mixed up the colour codes.. At last the right car turned up. Hybrid, white pearl and black roof. JBL, navigation and protection pack also. I now have 1500 km on the odo, and the last trip (a total of 54 km on mostly country roads and some city driving) averaged 3.5 lit/100 km (about 80 mpg if I get it right.). The c-hr behaves really well on the twisting roads in my area, and there's also a lot of hills to get to know the hybrid system by :)

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Hello and welcome, nice motor :D
Welcome to the madhouse :)
Welcome. Lovely car
Hello and welcome :)

Excellent colour choice ;)

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