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Hello from Sussex

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Hello from Keith and Julia. We have test driven a black 1.2 manual Excel, and were very impressed, and will find this forum very useful I am sure.
We have two other Toyotas in our family, an IQ2 and a supercharged GT86.

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Welcome to the forums I hope over the months when more C-HR's are delivered you will get alot more information from the owners (BTW I'm from Sussex).

Hello there! :)
Thanks Guys!
Welcome to the forum, always liked the 86 and yours looks gleaming. Don't see may IQ's about.

Are you looking to order do you think or waiting to see? I take it you will order a black one if you do!
Hi Rob

Today ordered a hybrid Excel in, you guessed it, black. Almost bought metal stream but there were two new deliveries in that colour at the dealers, and we decided that, without the black roof, it was not quite as striking as the dynamic. So we do get a black roof in a round-about way! Delivery in March. Very excited!!

Whilst the dynamic is very striking, the blue insert seats seemed a downgrade on the part-leather supplied with the excel. We like the full leather in black, but to pay an extra £900 odd when we get part-leather as standard seemed a step too far. We also prefer the alloys on the Excel. And I'm not a fan of the blue strip in the dynamic dash, which is silver in the Excel.

We considered trading in the IQ but was offered so little that it was worth keeping!

Just got to sell our Legacy Spec B now..................
It's at the dealers!!!! Being introduced tomorrow. Got some trim bits to decide upon but otherwise, it's there! Roll on March 1st!
someone sounds excited ;)
will be able to meet up soon if the weather keeps warming up
Great idea!
Welcome :) Super excited for you! My delivery can't come soon enough. The next few weeks are going to go so slowly lol.
I did go for the metal stream because I thought it was one of the only colours that pulled off not having a black roof! I do love how people react to this car so differently though. :) On my test drive a car next to us nearly crashed because he was staring at the CHR rather than the road.

Yummy! Even got the plates on!

Also, there were 2 metalstreams next to each other, one black roof and one without, and also a silver, which looked nice. Also another metalstream with leather, being used by the Director, and the two demonstrators, plus one in the showroom. Plus ours, that is 8 at the dealership. I enjoyed looking at them all, especially the black one! Needs the trims fitting that have not come through yet.

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Nice. Which trims are you waiting for?
your just teasing yourself now :D
ans said:
your just teasing yourself now :D
Garry said:
Nice. Which trims are you waiting for?
Front bumper insert in metal stream, and a rear skirt, just as accents really.
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