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Hello from South Bucks

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Just thought I'd say a quick "hello" after picking up my shiny new C-HR Excel hybrid (Decuma Grey with chrome accent pack) earlier today.

So far so good, after a couple of hours driving this afternoon and a few more hours reading the manual and playing with the gadgets I'm very pleased with my new "toy".

It's going to be a completely different driving experience for me to get used to having owned (and used daily) a GT86 for the last 3 years but I fancied a change to something a bit more sensible and practical (at least for a while). It was tough handing over the GT86, I've loved driving it, but looking forward to a more "relaxed" style of driving now. It's also my first hybrid, so will need to get used to that too.

Just discovered the forum, so looking forward to having a look round and getting involved in some discussions.

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hello and welcome jarrod, hope you love your new toy
Welcome to the C-HR forum glad you found us and hope all of us that own one can help any new potential buyers out.
Welcome Jarrod.

We also run a GT86, and enjoyed the fact that the C-HR seemed to inherit the steering feel of the 86 somehow, and was therefore very enjoyable to drive. We have also gone for a hybrid, which we found so relaxing to drive, especially in town. Our GT is supercharged, so I am expecting rather less performance, but then the C-HR for us serves a very different purpose, which will seemingly be no less enjoyable!

I believe you are the second owner on here switching from an 86. Enjoy your car!!
Hi and welcome - do you have any pics yet?
No pics yet, was going to take some today but it's been raining all day. I will try to get some up in the next couple of days (before it gets too dirty).
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