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Hello from Nottingham

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Hi All,
Had my 1.8 Hybrid,Metal stream, Excel for two and a half days and put 540 miles on it. Company car for Two years with 75000 miles total allowed mileage. loving it so far and had people stop me to look at it. Only ever seen one on the road prior to getting mine and then saw two one the M42 between one junction today.
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Welcome Jim!
Welcome matey :)

I had the same driving back from Dealer today. Quite a few cars slowing down and looking at my car rather than the road. lol
Photo or it never happened!
I have had my car for a month and only seen a couple.
I tried adding photo but it would not show ?
add it as an attachment but must be under a certain size 5mb i believe
Welcome and the other approach on photos is to upload them to an image sharing site like imgur (you can make the link private) and then link to the image. That way you can go Hi Def :)
just rolled of the trailer Tuesday afternoon its now got 1076 miles on it, but I've enjoyed every mile.
Had one issue so far, after a long call the Nav 2 would not leave the call screen so had to pull over and restart car, anybody else had this ?
Had a PT Cruiser. Juke and then a CHR so can we gat a wave every time we pass.
sounds like an firmware update is required, might help.
Hello and welcome to the forums :)

I haven't seen in the wild in Australia yet.

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