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Hello from Malta

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Welcome mate :) Where abouts in Malta? I love Mellieha bay! Been 5 times on Holiday there :)
Live @ zabbar next to marsascala.
nice love the red accents,
Hi, really nice looking, have you seen anymore in Malta :)
Thanks.yes same colour dynamic but without the red accents.Here they are buying the icon and excel because it's expensive.33k dynamic.
Of course I love the red accents too. First one I've seen to go for the red mirrors like mine. Really works.
tomorrow i try to post the interior pic
Very nice C-HR.
I like the red accents . I'm thinking about placing it on my C-HR. (Only the price is a bit ridiculously high for those pieces of plastic)
Yes the price is too high for piece of plastic.i don't know in uk they come factory installed but here in malta they been installed at toyota agent,even the diamond pride polish.
Yes the price is too high for pieces of plastic.I don't know if in uk comes factory installed but here in malta they installed mine at the toyota show room.
even the diamond bride they did it here.
Loving the pics :))) Awesome job
Welcome, Enjoy the car and the forum.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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