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Hello from Herts

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Hi all,

So i have bitten the bullet and ordered a dynamic in metal steam colour and a 1.8 hybrid power train but with leather seats and the JBL sound system :D i have moved up from an Auris 1.8 hybrid and I have been looking to trade up my 15 plate since it came out and that guys at my local Watford Steven Eagell franchise made me an offer i could not refuse, pick up by the end of the month, cannot wait !
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hello and welcome ,congratulations on your new car
Thanks, can't wait to get it now.
Welcome, enjoy the car and the forum
Welcome, not long to wait, enjoy,
Hello and welcome
Welcome. Hope you love it as much as the rest of us
Welcome to the club! Bet you're counting down the days, hours, minutes :)
Hi mate!

Welcome! Also waiting... for 1 and half month...
Hello from round the corner, welcome and enjoy a great car
Thanks for all the warm welcome messages...just wanna get behind the wheel now :shock:
Sorry I missed this one :) Welcome pal! Enjoy the forum!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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