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Hi Everyone !!

Took delivery of this little beauty on Monday. :D I haven't had chance to play much yet, but have been looking at this forum for a while so hopefully you'll have all made it a bit easier for me to figure out !
I was lucky enough to be the first delivered of 3 of us at work who have ordered a CHR as a company car so i've been bombarding them with 'Did you know' emails for weeks :lol: ( one has gone for the metalstream, the other for decuma grey and both have gone full leather - 1.8 dynamic ).
Received a few stares already but nothing as fun as the 'transformers' comment - there's still time to convince the local kids though :lol:
Regretting that i'm away for a few days because I don't want to leave her ! ( have warned the other half that she is NOT to be touched while i'm not here ) but should have a bit of time late next week to give her a good wash and run out.

Lovely to meet you all !!!!

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Hello and welcome and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do my car :D
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