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Hello from Blue CHR

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Hi All,

I've come across this forum and it looks great to me!

I just got a Blue CHR (Dynamic 1.8 Hybrid) Delivered on Monday!

It's a great car... still working out all the features.

One thing that made me smile on Wednesday when I needed to drive at night for the first time this week was a little feature underneath the wing mirrors when they power opened upon unlocking the car.

The wing mirrors projected Toyota CHR words onto the ground! Not a feature that no one has told me about, but I'd love to hack it to project something else! Lol

PM me or start another topic if any of you have any ideas on that or send me a link if already discussed, apologies if that's the case.

Anyways... I'll try and get a good photo or two of the Blue CHR and upload onto forum as I noticed not many blue photos around!

Thanks! :D
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Hello Blue C-HR, looking forward to some photos, I'm getting my Blue Dynamic hybrid on 31st March, just in time for the tax changes. My dealer rang yesterday it's arrived 馃榾
Great choice of car! Welcome!
Hello and welcome bluechr
Welcome Welcome.
Glad you like the puddle lights! Big welcome to the forum!
Welcome - same spec as me :)
Hope you love yours as much as I do mine. Welcome.
Thanks all for the warm welcome.

Been waiting for a nice sunny day to take a pic of the car... but eveytime I'm free it's either raining or too dark! Lol

Also have completed the surveya!
Hi All, I managed to post the photos, see below link if you would like to see a Blue C-HR:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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