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Hello and Goodbye!

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Hi Friends.

The greatest thrill and hype about C-HR is behind after driving 3 000 km's and until a month from this after Easter my C-HR Pearl White will be traded to Night Sky Black RAV4 Hybrid.

C-HR is very great driver's car, but the yet wanted more power and space expecially in the rear and bigger windows.

Safe drives to everyone and I will sign out from this forum when the RAV4 is at home.

Cheers Reima


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we did the opposite wanting something smaller,good luck
Hi Reima

Please stay in the forum and give you opinion on the differences. I can totally accept the bigger and lighter back element. It is not a problem for me the C-HR has plenty enough space and I don't tend to have rear passengers.
Hi Garry and other Toyota friends,

The true fact is that there is no compromises. C-HR is one of the best car I ever had or driven, but the reasons were anyhow stronger than feelings.
And I got very good offer in financing the new car, monthly costs are about same and our dealer had a Hybrid sales campaign that included winter tyres, so called Plus package in accessories. My darling wife has a MY2013 Yaris petrol and C-HR would have been her car but we couldn't afford to have two new cars. In fact the 5-door Yaris feels bigger inside than C-HR...

RAV4 has about 2 litres / 100 km's bigger fuel consumption, and bigger insurance costs. But scale weight went for the bigger although we are two seniors and a small dog. Also one of biggest reasons was safety of the bigger car.

One of my best work colleagues lost his life and three others injured in a car crash last September. On a straight road an other car hit their car to the front in motorway speed, the young driver slept while driving. If my colleagues had a smaller or older car no one would have survived. Does anyone recognize what car is this wreck in the picture?

I will stay anyhow in this Forum and share my experiences.



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Yes, it was a Volvo V60.
My late work colleague was sitting behind the driver.
That is really sad. I am glad you will stay but it is really sad about your colleague.
I should have listened my darling wife in our local Toyota dealer last year...
She said that this a real man's car while looking at RAV4. And she is always right ;-)

C-HR is in fact quite small and not a family car, it's mainly made for short trips and to show ups. However it has many wonderful features.

But I have learned my lesson...

Goodbye ,so long, farewell.
Thanks ans!

Btw, and one reason was also as a Japanese Toyota Car fan to get a model really made in Japan.

C-HR is made in Erdogan's Turkey...
Probably the last wash and go last evening...

The basic carwash machines don't fit to C-HR's design and they usually leave many places on the car frame dirty.
This washing session was done in our nearby shopping mall's car wash with pressure washer, some hot wax and hand drying (totally 25 €'s, not bad...).

Next step is in four weeks, when this white C-HR will change to black RAV4 Hybrid in our local dealer.

I'm sure that some nice features will be missed, the car's agility and design, but the more the feeling is getting stronger that C-HR is a car for younger people, singles or pairs who don't need to use the back seat or luggage space. It's mainly a driver's car. Problems with the collision alarm don't bother anymore after the weather got warmer also here in Finland.

This is not intended to annoy anyone, only a honest opinion and personal experiences that at least one member here wanted.


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Well, good to hear such an opinion :) I'm single and hopefully still considered as young :D So C-HR should be good for me :)
Your entitled to your opinion,even if I think your crazy :?
Congratulations on the new car! I must admit that I find your process a bit peculiar though. How come you didn´t order the RAV4 straight away? :) RAV4 was introduced before the C-HR and it was in salesrooms before the C-HR was even launched in Geneva 2016. The C-HR was obviously going to be smaller, and also likely to make compromises between space and design. C-HR is more of a design statement and RAV4 is more about functionality. I´ve driven the RAV4 and it´s a very good car. Obvious advantages vs. C-HR are power, space and AWD (with proper ground clearance). Main disadvantage is that it´s a facelift, albeit a good one at that, where as the C-HR is a completely new car. Personally I´m thinking about driving the C-HR for 2-3 years and then trade in to the next completely new RAV4, hoping that there´s a plug-in version available by then.
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