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Headlight System / RSA / LTA Malfunction

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So my parents have just bought a brand new CHR and within a few days had these faults pop up.
They brought it back to the dealer and they said their computer can't find anything wrong but now a week later the same thing is happening.

They've sent me pictures of the second time it's happened (today) and apparently they're the same errors from the first time. Pictures attached.

They're going back to the dealers tomorrow but I'm not that confident in them - I'm not sure if it's just bad luck but before the CHR they had to send back a brand new Yaris cross hybrid for an "exhaust filter full" fault the dealer couldn't seem to fix.

Has anyone had this happen to them and can offer advice? Or anyone with some car knowledge know what might cause this?


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All that would point me towards the forward facing camera.

Is there any damage to the windscreen in the cameras field of vision?

Has anything been added to the windscreen like a sun strip or tint?

I would assume the dealer technician has checked the forward facing camera is plugged in correctly?
I've had similar issues with vehicles in the past no faults could be found when I gone to the dealerships. In the end I before going back to the dealership I disconnect the 12v battery and reconnect the battery after 30 minutes and still as cured most issues.
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