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hard wiring dashcam+cheetah+v1+something else!

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I have went thru many posts here about that..
I'll get along with the dashcam,cheeta and v1, however, last thing i need to mount is a PA system as part of my work.
the PA system draws ALOT of power, i don't think 12v plug or interior light power will work.
I can use a fuse connector, however if someone can tell me how the heck did they pass the firewall i will be grateful, this car is fitted with so much stuff in the engine bay i can't see nothing! why oh why didn't toyota plan ahead for us...
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i have no idea what you are talking about, if you are looking for a way to get a cable into the car take the glove box out there is a filter behind it that may give you an easy route into the car from the engine compartment .page 558 in the manual and i did say may help
it did help!! for some reason the hebrew manual doesnt have it..
thank you.
what about all the other stuff (dashcam+other accessories) have any idea how to hardwire it?
promise to make a step by step if i do it.
thanks again for that firewall thingie.
please add your location to your profile as it makes things easier , glad to help ,there is a power pick up in the light in the front of the the car.
may be possible to power a dash cam from here but dont know the power rating of the circuit.
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comes out really easily just put your fingers round the back and gently pulldown


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