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Greetings from Manchester :)

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Evening all, just thought I'd say hello :)

Picked up my C-HR on Wednesday, the quickest car purchase I've ever made! Went in for a test drive on Monday at my local dealer ( I had a T180 Avensis for the last 8 years) and collected my new car on Wednesday :)

Completely impulsive purchase, ended up with the Dynamic Hybrid and have been smiling ever since, still reading the manual as there seem to be more buttons to fiddle with every time I get in.

Hopefully will be able to contribute to the forum in some way, cheers all!
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Welcome and enjoy
Thank you :)
hello and welcome, what colour or is it a secret
Oops should have been more specific!

It's Decuma Grey, with the black leather and JBL sound upgrade, black roof and the 5 spoke black alloys.

I'm very pleasantly surprised by the performance, I've never driven a hybrid before but it takes off really well. Still trying to figure out my MPG but compared to my old diesel it looks much better.

Also very impressed with the ride and handling, it feels like a much smaller, lower car especially when cornering.

If the sun is out tomorrow I'll post some pics :)
Welcome, enjoy the car and the forum
Welcome. That was a very quick delivery time - ex demonstrator or something?
Garry said:
Welcome. That was a very quick delivery time - ex demonstrator or something?
Hi Garry, thanks for the welcome :)

Don't think it was an ex-demo, only 9 miles on the clock when I picked it up and I'm the first person to register it. The sales rep said they had one high spec model left from their allocation if i wanted it. I had originally thought about waiting for the Excel or Icon but had a moment of madness and bought it.
Wow. Really lucky to get that.
Nice one - still waiting for mine, been on order since beginning of January!!
Welcome and enjoy it
That is super quick and in the perfect colour lol
Im looking at early july and can't wait
Welcome, great colour choice!
Thanks guys still smiling when I drive it :)

Be interesting to see the extra sports pack in pictures, no pressure though!
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