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Grades of C-HR

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All available as a Hybrid, sites being updated and you should soon be able to configure :) < Prices and Models
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Was able to use configurator yesterday lunch time.
Options list limited. Will this change?
For instance you can only get upgraded stereo if you take leather as well.

Do we know when in October pre-sales will start.
Despite signing up for e-mail alerts I got nothing about the configurator going live!
When will we get Co2 and mpg figures?
H Perrinss,
Pre Orders will start 1st October had confirmation from Toyota GB that the date is correct, also full range of accessories for it are to follow ie Floor Mats, Mud guards etc.
Many thanks
Great thanks for the update, I too registered to be kept informed but heard nothing yet!
I have found out my dealers has been taking deposits for the past week on the C-HR and pre orders start 3rd October and deliveries start January 2017.
Same with our dealer, get in quick looks like a good approach!
yes I was surprised when I went in on Monday and he we can take your order now but wont be able to give you a reference for a few months so you can track it. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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