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Got it today

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Got my C-HR Excel Hybrid (Silver Stream) today and am king of the road now!!
Lots of new toys to learn but one wlecome discovery - one thing I thought I would really miss about my Prius was the digital speedo and I now discover deep in the menus that one can have a digital speed display. Didnt find that in any blurb or manual. Would have been a big selling point for me.
Had a brief play and note it is telling (what I think is) accurate speed. In the uk all speedos tend to display up to 10% fast (ie you are doing 27-28mph when the speedo shows 30) due to strange uk (or EU?) laws on speedo accuracy. I note that setting the speedo to dead on 30 the digital display shows 28. Useful.
Ps will put a photo up before it gets dirty, but you all know what one looks like!!
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Looking forward to seeing some pics :)
Frosty this morning!


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Looks better now its thawed out!


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Very nice! Enjoy!!
By the way we call it Rory (the no plate) and because I am a keen golfer. As it happens I played my best ever round of golf (76) on the morning of the day I picked it up. Coincidence? Perhaps it was positive thinking!!
congratulation and enjoy
Looks fab
Looks great. :twisted:
Looks good
I think its one of the best colours to pull off the no black roof :) MINES SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT 0_o
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