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Found out today my next company car is a C-HR

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Hi All

Well I knew my company had ordered a C-HR for the fleet but what I hadn't known was that it is scheduled to be mine for the next two years.

So hopefully, if delivery is on schedule, in February I will be driving around in a Dynamic 1.8 Hybrid in Nebula Blue with Black Roof and Tokyo Red accents (which match the company colours - I'm still not sure how the accents will look)

Very excited of Cambridgeshire
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Hello and welcome ,hope you enjoy the car
Hope you like it Gary, two years is quite a quick change period, do you do lots of miles?

If so hope you'll be reporting back regularly on how it's going :)

Mine (non-company) is coming on 1st March and I can't wait, although I don't do mega miles now and expect circa 12k per annum max
My company car is coming next Friday, 3rd Feb. I have to keep for 4 years, by which time I will have done approx 100000 miles. Hope the switch to my first hybrid is a success!
Dynamic Metal stream.

Another request for regular reporting on issues or good points that you find. :p
Hi All

Yes will definitely report in.

Company has a 2 year policy on all battery based cars as they say the technology is moving on really quickly. Which kind of makes sense. Also a lot of the Company Car Tax benefits become mute for this car when the bands change so will probably be looking for a lower emissions figure by then. Hopefully they will have a plug-in variant.

Had a test drive at the local dealer and very impressed my only complaint would be the incessant beeping in reverse but apparently you can ask the dealer to change this to a single beep (or change it yourself with an ODB2 device and the right software)
Same colour as me, minus the Red accents - will be interested to see if delivery schedule stays Feb - i ordered mine 09/01 and have date of late May showing on dealer system :)
I'm wondering if they have a separate pool for company cars - dealer is still apparently saying Feb on the system for mine.
Apparently toyotas are built in 18hours so probably a long lead time for shipping some of these dependant on manufacturing location
So apparently as long as my company does some paperwork with Toyota early part of next week I will have the car by the end of the week.

Really excited now :)
Just found out that mine has been delayed to next week. Hopefully no more. One thing I did find out is that the only time the dealers truly know when yours is arriving is when they get what our dealer called the load plans.
Current delivery into dealer is next Thursday although as that has slipped twice I'm not holding out hope. Apparently this is the first Business purchase CHRs the dealer has seen slip but both the ones due for delivery this week have done so.
Sadly delayed again but a definitive reason. Apparently it is the Accent Pack causing the issue. The front bumper garnishes are on back order with an expected delivery of 18/2. So a day to process then ship may get it before end of feb
Why don't you push them to deliver the car now and install the garnish when available? I am not familiar with the British laws, but here they are obliged to deliver not later than 45 days after the agreed delivery date in the order.
Hi Juliano

Good thought will get company to ask. Not quite at 45 days yet :)
Maybe getting close to that 45 days though. Delivery is now showing as 27th.
Progress my dealer just checked and the manufacturing status has changed to "fit, ready for transport" and the date is still showing 27th. Fingers crossed. :D
Garry said:
Progress my dealer just checked and the manufacturing status has changed to "fit, ready for transport" and the date is still showing 27th. Fingers crossed. :D
That will all depend on where the "transport" is from - could be Turkey!!
Yes I'm guessing so - hope it is a fast boat
Garry said:
Yes I'm guessing so - hope it is a fast boat
Sorry to have to say but Turkey to UK by sea is at least a week to ten days
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