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FItting a Dash Cam

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Hi All.

Apologies if this has been covered else where but I couldn't see a post.

I currently use a Dash Cam every day. One for personal reasons and two for insurance reasons.
With there being no direct access to the voltage output as it is in the armrest how is everyone connecting theirs?
Or, are they NOT connecting them lol.

I wasn't sure if the power from the USB would be enough to power AND charge the Dash Cam when it's running.

Would really appreciate any input. (see what I did there? :lol: )
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Am assuming mounting at sun visor/rvm height, if so surely take the feed from the interior lights?

Is cash for crash big where you live?
USB definitely won't provide enough power and I doubt interior lights will.
Actually the same problem awaits me too :) I'll ask my dealer (just when I know exact delivery date) how much would it cost to hide all the wires and get it running on hybrid system start.
Really good question. It is a shame we can't hook into the safety sense camera and add a recorder.
You already said it yourself the camera is for the safety system and not recording. So it is not a shame that,s your opinion.
I move my dash cam from car to car, and I use one of those rechargeable usb powerpacks to run it. Some of them are very small and discreet, but can power the camera for hours. Better than having wires trailing everywhere , and easier than hard wiring it to the car,
@holyhead I can see how 'shame' could be interpreted more strongly than I meant it.

I meant it would have been nice if it had been an option but I totally agree the prime focus of that camera absolutely has to be safety.

Having said that it is pretty easy to split a video feed without detriment and there are rumours that Toyota may already have the ability to access the recorded video in case of an incident. Although I do take those rumours with a pinch of salt.

@lee789 that is a clever idea

Thanks for your explanation I interpreted it wrong.
currently I have mine plugged into the socket in the arm rest of the c-hr but I will be hard wiring it when it gets warmer so that I can use the parked mode.
As the car has an auto dimming mirror you should be able to find in one of the A pillars the permanent feed for the interior light and a switched feed for the mirror.
I used this in many other cars as a source for dash cams with no problem.
Ive just wired another dash cam into our works IQ using these feeds and it works fine.
mccldd said:
I used this in many other cars as a source for dash cams with no problem.
Ive just wired another dash cam into our works IQ using these feeds and it works fine.
wouldn't this void your warranty :?:
good way to to do it ,but just saying
MarkyMUK said:
Am assuming mounting at sun visor/rvm height, if so surely take the feed from the interior lights?

Is cash for crash big where you live?
As the car won't actually belong to me I'm loathe to mess with it too much to be honest.

It's not for people deliberately crashing but in case of any insurance claims.
My father had someone trying to get out of an insurance claim saying different things happened than actually did.
In the event he had had a camera there would have been no issue with a long drawn out case.
It has already saved me from a few road rage incidents when they realised they were being filmed.

I would 100% like it to go into a permanent supply and it's something Ill check into with the dealer about warranties etc before doing anything.

Thanks for the replies. I love the way everyone has different insights into things :)
Don't get me wrong as I think they are a great idea, but you have to pick your kit carefully as have had two friends thought they were covered.

However, following an accident both were advised that the clarity of wasn't good enough to be admissible as supporting evidence :(
I had a Nextbase dashcam in my Rav4. Excellent clarity of recording. My insurance company gave no discount for having it. I had "an incident" with an HGV that didn't give way and charged across me at a roundabout- no damage or injuries...thanks to good brakes and my quick reflexes.
The police were very impressed with the quality of the images and agreed the driver of the HGV was driving dangerously. However, because there was no damage and no injury, there was no point in proceeding....the Procurator Fiscal (cf CPS) wouldn't be interested. I contacted the company at the highest level- they apologized and showed contrition...but said they could do nothing as it was a subcontractor. (Bo**cks).
I have never understood why dashcams didn't come as standard- that would surely ensure the quality of recording was adequate...and also be a check on a driver who was inclined to play fast and loose on the road...knowing you're being recorded is like a little voice speaking over your shoulder!
It is possible for the dealer to hardwire a dashcam. You can also buy extension leads and hubs for the 12v. feed. I have yet to decide what I am going to do. I may install it in the CHR using either stick-on cable clips or Velcro. Or just not bother...
I posted the footage I had recorded on Youtube where it got many hundreds of hits and comments. I have since deleted it as it was a few years ago.
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My cam is a next base also! So good choice Simongw :)

The quality is amazing and super clear. I also love the fact it has built in Wifi so I can download the clips directly to my mobile phone.

Let me know what you decide to do and I'd love to see some pics of your Havana Brown. Not seen one yet!
View attachment 256

Here's a picture from a Havana brown at my dealers. I've ordered in this colour myself.
April delivery but hopefully sooner.


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Thank you Mills699. Mine needs a wash!
I really like that which I'm surprised at 😀
Getting back to dash cams - I notice that Halfords currently have an offer on to "hard-wire" dash cams (certain models) for £30. As I don't know much about dash cams I could not say whether the models are good or bad, but £30 to hard-wire seems a good price to me - I bet a dealer would be charging at least three times that!
I am putting a Roadhawk cam in the C-HR, which we have had a few years and which has proved reliable. We had several mounts and cables and swapped the cam into whichever vehicle was doing the most hazardous journey. Bit of a *** and sometimes we forgot!

However, following on from Which magazine and other's reports, we invested in some Nextbase cams when they were in the sales recently. In fact, they were such a reasonable price that our GT86 now has forward and rear facing cameras fitted. I was considering swapping the rear facing cam between the GT and C-HR but have yet to see how the mount will work in the C-HR with tailgate door, and the clarity of picture through the privacy glass.

Annoyingly, the C-HR has only the one lighter socket, whereas the GT has two, one in glove box and one in the centre console. Will need an adaptor if mounting in the C-HR is successful for rear-facing cam.
Use fuse connectors (need 2 pick the right fuse type for the car).

Simply plug in, insert the original fuse into the original circuit side of the piggy back and a fuse to match the camera in the other .

Number required and connections required will depend on the cam.
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