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Hello everybody,a few days ago I got my new c-hr (chic edition with some extras)
I droved approximately 600-650 km because I want for a trip for some friends,so I decided to share my first impressions to someone who is thinking about buying it.
In a long way trip is very comfortable,it relieves the driver a lot of stress because of the safety systems (lda,cruise control with radar)
On the road it is very stable and quiet.
About fuel consumption from my little experience it is money saving if you stick to the speed limit.
For 4 passengers is very comfortable,for 5 it is a little bit inconvenient but it depends from the size of every person. :p
Storage is fine,no issues
At parking if you have parking assist is very easy.I tried it for the first time but I was afraid that it will crash on other cars so I was ready to stop my car if it was going to close.
In total is a car that combines everything (safety,style,fuel economy)I believe that it can make you a better driver and put you out of a difficult moment.
Thanks for your time
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