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First C-HR delivered...

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I got my Pearl home today! The first delivery in our dealer in Vantaa Finland.

Cheers Reima


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Very nice Reima congratulations bet you were smiling for ear to ear on the drive home, wonder how long that will stay that clean :D
Very nice !!! Its perfect !!!
Looks amazing, Reima! Have fun!!! Next week I will take mine... My happy right foot can't wait for it! :D
Yes, I'll need some steel wire to get my face into basic look...:-D

Luckily we have now dry and few degrees freezing here in Finland.
C-HR is still clean...

I took a short cruising to the country side and C-HR was awesome to drive.
If former Auris Hybrid was great to drive like limousine but this much better and it tempted to go faster.

Cheers Reima
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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