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First C-HIC in Cyprus

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Just picked up my C-HR. It is amazing!

It is the first C-HIC grade C-HR in Cyprus (or Excel Trim as it is known in the UK - thanks Mills699 for pointing that out).

I ordered it last November (4th).

Any questions or comments are welcome.



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I get my C-HIC 1.2 manual in April maybe March! I've gone for the Havana Brown though. I've seen a few CH-R's in Limassol but mostly in C-ULT trim.

I've seen 3 being collected from the dealers in last 2 weeks. They said they have had orders for 170 so far at the Limassol dealership when I ordered my a few weeks ago.

Think they will be quite popular here in Cyprus

(C-HIC is Excel trim in UK and C-ULT is dynamic but without all the LEDs,Satnav, Smart Entry and IPA)
Thanks for the info!

I am loving the ride height and driver seat position. It reminds me of my Lexus RX450h but the steering wheel on the C-HR is lighter.

Nice choice of colour, I am sure it will look amazing under the Cyprus sun! =)
Thinking of getting the paint work ceramic coated to try and fend off the Cyprus sun!

Love the sun but really messes up the car paintwork and lights!
very nice :cool:
Mills699 said:
Thinking of getting the paint work ceramic coated...
There is a very positive feedback about this coating in my country with one remark - it needs to be applied every year. I am planning to apply it in the spring when we install the summer rims and tires.

Being in Cyprus you are lucky with your accessory prices, for example: the side steps cost only €650, while our dealers ask €1205. Maybe I should ask your dealer if they can ship parts to EU?
I'm sure the modification market will be full of stuff for the CH-R with in the next year
got some of this for my car its a bit cheaper but just need the weather to sort itself out
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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