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First 1600km precautions

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From the manual:
For the first 1600 km (1000 miles):
• Do not drive at extremely high speeds.
• Avoid sudden acceleration.
• Do not drive at a constant speed for extended periods.
Does anybody know what is considered as "extremely high speeds" and "extended periods"?
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I thought with modern engines and modern oils these "running in" periods were a thing of the past. Besides that, I would challenge anybody to get an unmodified CHR up to anything like an extremely high speed. Toyota probably have 60-70mph or 100-120kph in mind, but then we have to drive them in the real world!!
When i broke in a 250cc Chinese Honda clone engine i took care to vary throttle loads and speed as much as I could on the first run's. The occasional deep/wot throttle at lowish revs and then instant deceleration was supposed to flush out debris and prevent hot spots while it was bedding in. I believe short bursts of full throttle help mate the full bore. Where as constant partial throttle would just mate the top end.

I ended up getting over 50mpg easily and lots of torque. It had grunt like a bigger engine so considered I had done the right thing. I read if you just tickle the throttle and sit at the same speed too long you could polish the cylinders and never mate after a few heat cycles. I just drove it fairly normally but only up to half revs. I guess il apply the same when my chr arrives but its gonna be hard to control with a CVT making the decision's lol

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For those of us with the turbo engine it could be added not to flog the engine in too high a gear at low speed.

All engines need to have a bedding in period, just don't stress the engine with either too high a loading, or too many revs initially, but gradually increase the work the engine has to do. Occasional extra brief loading can help bed in cylinder walls and piston rings.
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