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Engine RPM

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Hello all. I have had my 2020 Excel 2ltr for 3 months now and love it. I have almost got the displays and messaging set up to how I like them, mainly by reading the wonderfully helpful posts on this forum. But I would really like to see the engine RPM displayed somewhere but I can't find any references to it. Can this be done and if so how???
Many thanks. --- tosher.
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You might be able to connect an obd2 adaptor and use an app like Torque to display additional data though without trying it I can't guarantee it would work.
I know certain Yaris & Corolla have the options via there displays to show the revs, why anyone would want this information on a hybrid I've no idea, pretty pointless with the E-CVT transmission.

I just leave the display on the digital speedo.

I would suspect the 2nd generation C-HR will have the option to display revs via a much more modern digital instrument display.
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